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Circle Garden Farm projectProjects_circle_garden_farm.html
This sears kit home was transformed with a new front porch, rear deck, new paving, a pond, and numerous woody and perennial plants (some edible). It was photographed in 2007 for Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.Projects_Koresch.html
For a complete description of Liberty Gardens (vegetable garden service) and Liberty Gardens Project (classes and workshops), visit To view a project samples, click here.
In 1970, we became aware that humans were rapidly using up and degrading the planet.  We decided that there was a need to demonstrate a sustainable way to live so that our grandchildren would inherit a livable planet. We wanted to share what we learned while leaving a legacy of health, beauty, abundance and prosperity for all children.Projects_circle_garden_farm.html
This well established site was in urgent need of an overhaul. The stone-lined drainage way was aesthetically unpleasing and marginally functional. We installed improvements in the drainage and introduced native woody plants and ornamental perennials.Projects_Zielinski.html
The front of this property was designed and built about 10 years ago. The back was done in 2012 as a permaculture demonstration with a new deck, patio and shade trees.Projects_Josh.html
The house previously on this site was torn down to make room for this English craftsman style residence. After 3 years, the owner thought the original landscaping installed by the builder left a lot to be desired.Projects_Sims.html


miscellaneous projectsProjects_Misc.html
Here is a compilation of miscellaneous projects that we have done through the years. They may inspire you to improve your own landscape to make it more aesthetically appealing, functional, and productive.Projects_Misc.html