We used brick, bluestone and concrete in combination to create an inviting entry. The excavated black dirt was used to form mounds for planting shrubs with edible berries and ornamental perennials.

The site in back was regraded and a new micro-clover sod was installed. This sod produces much of its own fertilizer because of nitrogen fixing clover and requires less mowing.

The lawn area was reduced from its original size to allow planting of various fruiting trees and shrubs along with perennial  and annual vegetables and herbs.

Three of the neighbors share a chicken coop with the owners of this site, and each shareholder tends the girls for one week out of four. Production is approximately 3 dozen eggs per week from 8 chickens. Manure and bedding are composted and used on vegetables, fruiting trees and shrubs. Weeds and garden waste, when available are then fed to the chicks.

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