Comprehensive landscape design at any scale

holistic design solutions

Our associations with many professional design disciplines gives us the ability to assemble a team for any size project while applying the design philosophy presented throughout this website. Our philosophy includes the concepts and techniques of permaculture to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

We practice landscape transformation, renewal, regeneration, restoration, remodeling and repair (healing) by offering the following services for residential and commercial sites.

  1. Landscape architecture and site planning

  2. Planting design

  3. Water management and features

  4. Structures in the landscape (including solar)

  5. Landform design

  6. Landscape sculpture and stonework

  7. sustainable Garden design

  8. organic ornamental and edible gardens

landscape construction

A diverse dynamic and healthy landscape cannot be constructed or installed, It evolves over time. Paving is installed. A house is constructed. A living landscape is an ongoing biological process.

We can get your landscape started through the following services

  1. Planting trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants

  2. Modifying land forms

  3. Water utilization and management, (drainage, ponds, fountains)

  4. Improving soil

  5. Building structures in the landscape, from offices and homes, to decks and garden gates

  6. Installing paving, walkways, and landscape lighting

  7. Placing art and stone in the landscape

  8. Removals of plants and demolition of structures


We can help you with:

  1.     Energy and resource conservation

  2.     biodiversity restoration

  3.    solar structures and their landscape compliments

  4.     whole site solar energy collection

  5.     storm water catchment and usage

  6.     small scale, onsite planting design

  7.     drainage solutions

  8.     landscape/security lighting

Our garden designs produce a beautiful and artistic seasonal and sensual progression of shapes, patterns, textures, forms and colors. These traditional, native, naturalistic, and Gardenfarm designs will delight you and invite you to take steps toward using, experiencing, and sharing your landscape in new, positive, and rewarding ways.