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TransitioninG to a sustainable future at home

Our tour will introduce you to a life affirming and sustainable way of living. Our home and office demonstration site will convince you that living sustainably is not living with less.

Suburban Permaculture Tours

Our home landscape has been dubbed as the quintessential example of a “Suburban Permaculture” landscape.  We offer 3- hour educational tours with an eye toward giving participants the basic information to enable them to design their own home permaculture landscape. Come on and see how easy it is to become more self-sufficient and sustainable!

You will see a passive solar home, a full grown evergreen windbreak, deciduous shade trees, woody fruit trees, shrubs and vines, annual food crops, companion plants and much more!

You will receive:

Handouts regarding the permaculture principles.

Tasting of the season’s produce, preserved and fresh.

Seasonal, on-site demonstrations in the garden, in the kitchen, and in the root cellar.

Tours for the 2015 season, 1-4pm

September 20th

Located at 907 Summit St.

Downers Grove, Illinois 60515-4924

To register, email vnowicki@comcast.net

$55 per adult

$100 per couple

$30 per young adult.

No children under 10


630.852.5263, ronnowicki@comcast.net